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Brief History

APIC's institutional predecessor was Chin-Min college, founded in 1985. In 1992, it was renamed as Chin-Min Institute of Technology. In 2010, the school was once again renamed as Asia-Pacific Institute Creativity.

With our school motto, “Be Practical and Innovative,” we anticipate establishing the first “Creative Tourism Specialty University” focusing on creativity and tourism based on the six major rising industries and regional culture industries as promoted by the government. We simultaneously promote school-wide integrated development, and adopt the acronym TEACUP (Tourism, Exercise, Application, Creativity, Unique, and Profession) as our strategy in common development. The acronym TEACUP symbolizes that tea and ceramic cultures are our two key points for combining regional culture and industrial development. By applying diverse learning and collaboration between industry and academia to explore creativity and the characteristics of each department, we hope to establish a pioneering school of tourism of boundless creativity in the Asia-Pacific region.